Tips and tools to get your startup published in the best media outlets

App Influence – because PR matters, and the right tools even more.

A good public relations plan can help with investors, increase website backlinks, and give a boost to brand awareness. We are all capable of saying “we’re cool”, it’s much more difficult – and even stimulating – to get someone else to tell our story (and how cool we are!)

PR can help project a favorable image to a startup’s target audience. Image is everything; it can make or break a company with just the use of words.

But how do you get the attention of journalists? How does one “become the news”?

  1. Be patient! Getting press coverage takes time and consistency. As well as a careful analysis of your media limits. Having just started a startup and looking for a publication on Forbes is a little too ambitious, don’t you think? Focus on industry media outlets first, and start a conversation with the most influential journalists,
  2. Newsworthy first. But what to do to make a story newsworthy? The knowledge of the targeted audience and what they want to listen to. The right story is one that comes to the right person at the right time. Even better if enriched by a great social, environmental or technological impact. Monitor the trends and read the next step!
  3. Here and now. The newsworthiness of a public relations campaign also depends a lot on its timing and the timeliness of its presentation. It is necessary to find the right link to facts, news, relevant news in the “here and now”. And remember, no one cares about a story that is already old.

It may sound complex, but having the right tool helps.  Forget about Muck Rack, Agility or Prezly and discover HUI

Using this tool, you have access to a database of over 40K international and targeted journalists so that you can easily personalize all of your communication with journalists and build strong relationships with them.

Specifically, HUI has an App dedicated to the management of Public and media relations: Influence.

Through Influence it is possible:

  • Set your goals – PRN
    • Set up your Digital PR business by establishing clear goals (PR Need), audience and media to contact.
  • Right person at the right time – PRM Map
    • Get a complete view of all your contacts. You will be able to filter them based on their interests with the certainty of writing to the right journalist!
  • The feedback matters – PRO
    • Get an overview of all the Digital PR opportunities (PRO) opened up by you and your team. In this way you will keep track of the media outlets already contacted and their feedback.
  • Makes the graphs talk
    • Get a quantitative overview of all your PR activities, analyzing the number of open PROs, their status (won, lost, pending) and the overall audience reached.

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